Cash Boxes

July 8, 2016
Mars Cash Boxes

A strong and practical box which is ideal for convenient storage of petty cash. Made from high-quality electrically welded plate, cash box is supplied with handy removable internal cash tray and two keys. Each model has a sturdy carrying handle. Supplied with Coin Tray

MODEL Length Width Depth Weight
Mars 2 20.7cm 15.0cm 9.0cm 2Kg
Mars 3 26.0cm 18.5cm 9.5cm 3Kg
Mars 3 deep 26.0cm 18.5cm 11.0cm 3Kg
Mars 4 30.5cm 21.5cm 8.5cm 3Kg
Mars 4 Deep 30.5cm 21.5cm 11.0cm 4Kg
Mars 5 Deep 32.0cm 24.0cm 11.0cm 5Kg


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