Key Cabinet

July 8, 2016
Securikey – Key Cabinets



This range are manufactured to meet the needs of both domestic and light commercial applications.

They provide the facility to control and track keys from 20 to 2080 in number and are used extensively throughout businesses worldwide. The cabinet is secured with a very high quality Securikey Cam Lock as standard and forms the entry level for our large range of Key Control Systems.

• Key control at affordable price

• Removable control index for out of hours piece of mind

• Adjustable hook bars to accommodate different key lengths

• Keys numbered and colour matched for quick identification

• Best suited to domestic and commercial use for key control and tracking

System 24/G (glass fronted) up to 24 Keys h: 355 x w: 275 x d: 80 Weight = 5Kg

System 30 up to 30 keys h: 305 x w: 215 x d: 80mm Weight = 3Kg

System 35 up to 35 keys h: 320 x w: 245 x d: 85 Weight = 4Kg

System 48 up to 48 keys h: 355 x w: 300 x d: 80mm Weight = 5Kg

System 100 (with combination lock) up to 100 keys h: 550 x w: 380 x d: 80mm Weight = 8Kg